Are you looking for a long-lasting nonsurgical option to restore your youthful look? You may want to consider a stem cell face-lift. The team at Regenerative Medical Spa specializes in regenerative aesthetic treatments and offer the stem cell face-lift to restore the youthful contours of your face, as well as tighten and lift your skin without surgery or downtime. To schedule a consultation, contact the office in Long Beach, California, by phone or book online today.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells serve as your body’s repairing system. These cells are undifferentiated (or blank) cells that transform into specialized cells based on your needs, such as muscle cells, bone cells, or brain cells.

Given the regenerative powers behind your body’s stem cells, researchers are investigating the potential medical uses of stem cells for regenerating tissue and organs.

At Regenerative Medical Spa, the aesthetic team uses stem cells to rejuvenate your look.

Why would I need a stem cell face-lift?

Aging affects many parts of your body, but it’s most noticeable on your skin and face. As you get older, the subcutaneous fat under your skin decreases, causing your skin to appear loose and saggy.

Additionally, collagen and elastin production decreases with age. These two structural proteins are primarily found in the dermal layer of your skin and are responsible for its youthful strength and resilience. Without collagen and elastin, your skin sags and wrinkles.

The stem cell face-lift is an aesthetic treatment offered at Regenerative Medical Spa that serves as an alternative to a traditional face-lift.

It supports regeneration of the lost fat and proteins to rejuvenate your look without invasive surgery. Your stem cell face-lift may also reduce your need for other cosmetic treatments, such as Botox® and fillers.

What happens during a stem cell face-lift?

The team at Regenerative Medical Spa develops personalized stem cell face-lift treatment plans specific to your aesthetic goals and reviews the details of your treatment during your consultation.

In general, your stem cell face-lift is an in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. First, your provider extracts adipose tissue from specific areas of your body known to have a high concentration of stem cells.

After your fat cells have been properly prepared, your provider carefully injects the fat and stem cells into specific areas of your face.

Then, your provider completes your stem cell face-lift with chemical resurfacing, which removes the fine lines and skin discoloration, while activating the stem cells for rejuvenation.

Based on your aesthetic goals, the regenerative aesthetic experts at Regenerative Medical Spa may suggest adding exosomes to your stem cell face-lift.

Exosomes are a component found in stem cells that contain the information cells need to repair themselves. When added to skin rejuvenation treatments, exosomes may accelerate production of collagen and elastin.

How long is recovery from a stem cell face-lift?

Though recovery time varies, you should be able to resume most of your usual activities within 7-10 days after your stem cell face-lift. However, your swelling may take a few weeks to subside.

You should notice an improvement in your look soon after your stem cell face-lift with continued improvements for up to a year.

To learn more about the stem cell face-lift, call Regenerative Medical Spa or book online today.