Anna Gevorgyan, MD

After I moved from Armenia to the United States, I realized that no matter where I am and what the circumstances are; being a doctor and being able to care for someone in their most vulnerable state feels like home anywhere in the world to me.

Years of research at the Minimally Invasive Surgery Division at USC gave me an insight into completing most surgical interventions with techniques that allow my patients to go home the same day with minimal and/or no scarring at all.

I have worked on embryonic stem cell research at the City of Hope in order to be able to incorporate the latest research with traditional medicine.

In the field of reconstructive pelvic surgery I have been focusing on issues of Pelvic Prolapse that affects so many women and still considered one of the most underaddressed areas of contemporary practices.

Today I am happy to offer cosmetic procedures for both men and women that use the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself along with StemCell Transfer to face, Genital Revitalization, Liposuction and Fat Transfer including the Brazilian Butt Lift.

I found a new passion in seeing women empowered, and in getting the latest options in health care. Helping people to make the best decisions available today that is not based on any limitations